Candles manufacturer

Candles manufacturer

Candles are a great gift idea and an interesting element of the interior design, which we are well aware of as a candles manufacturer. In addition, many many companies use them as a form of advertising and brand promotion.

As a candles manufacturer, we try to meet the needs of both individual and business customers. We approach each partnership individually and always try to build long-lasting relations with our contractors. Among the partners who have trusted Soy Witch are numerous companies (such as Volkswagen), shops and advertising agencies.

We want both our candles and the values behind them to reach a constantly growing group of recipients. Our hand-poured natural products will delight your customers and contractors with wonderful scents and captivate their attention with outstanding labels that we can create specially for your brand.

We accept payment in EUR and USD and provide worldwide shipment. Orders start from as low as 50 units!

Eco-friendly candles manufacturer

We care more than any other candles manufacturer about the environment. In our production process we use soy wax that is safe for both your health and the planet. Not only have we made sure that no toxic substances are released when our candles are burned, we also made sure that our candles are 100% vegan.

Get to know our COO & Co-Founder, Joanna Humerczyk:

Producent świec - pracownia

We use only natural oils, which makes our candles safe promotional gadgets also for allergy sufferers, children or pregnant women. Our amazing scents are closed in glass jars, which, after burning all the candle, can be given a second life and used at home or in the office. By choosing our candles, you get ecological and ethical promotional gadgets that will appeal to everyone.

Elegant eye-catching design

Palo Santo candle for English market

While creating our product lines we focused not only on scents and raw materials but also on the design. We wanted to be a candles manufacturer that would stand out. That’s why we prepared different product lines with the design that catches eye immediately.

You can choose dark or clear glass, white or black label; black, gold, silver or white lid and many more. All the elements match perfectly, making our product unique and not like all the others. That’s why you won’t be able to miss our candles, even among dozens of other products on the shopping shelf or scrolling web stores.

Soy Witch candles for every occasion

We are an experienced candles manufacturer that have already worked with numerous spa lounges, hotels, florists, bookshops, advertising agencies and even big car companies. That’s why we perfectly understand that our clients might have different needs and expectations that we are ready to meet.

Our natural candles might be of use as a part of a gift basket for your contractors, a Christmas gift for business partners or employees or simply promotional gadgets whatever the occasion is. We are the top Polish candles manufacturer getting noticed all over the European market, ready to deliver top-quality Soy Witch candles or help you choose and design your own labelled candles.

With our special seasonal products, you can celebrate every occasion you like. Celebrate the beginning of spring season by distributing lovely floral candles to your employees and business partners. Cheer them up in autumn with the scent of Pine forest and make their Christmas season even merrier with special cookie-scented candles.

Get to know our candles

Świeca Palo Santo z kryształemPalo Santo z kryształem - świeczka Soy Witch
Psie łapki - świeczka zapachowaPsie łapki - świeca sojowa
Zestaw świec Modern WitchZestaw świec sojowych w szkle
Świeczka sojowa Mandarynka i chilli600x600 3
Świeca tęczowaKompozycja - tęczowa świeczka sojowa Miłość

Candles manufacturer with worldwide shipment

Our candles have already gotten much further than the Polish national market. You can spot our product in numerous German shops or shopping galleries in Iceland. And we have no intention to stop! We want to be seen as an international leading candles manufacturer and we guarantee all-across-the-world delivery.

Get in touch with us and start working on your first order today. We offer you complete support every step of the way. Tell us what you need and we’ll find a perfect product matching your demands. See for yourself that we are an experienced and reliable candles manufacturer!

Choose one of our Soy Witch amazing scents

Our natural candles come in a dozen stunning fragrance compositions. As a hand-poured candles manufacturer, we made sure that anyone will find a perfect match for themselves among our products. It is exactly because of this variety that we are able to choose the right fragrance for the specific brand communication and the values it represents.

If you want your advertising gadgets to be as universal as possible, reach for subtle and calming scents. For the companies seeking to emphasize the expression and energy of their brand, we prepared more intense and extravagant compositions.

If you’re aiming for expanding your shop’s offer, Soy Witch candles will be a perfect choice. Whether you run a supermarket, book store or an internet gift shop, place your first order and see for yourself that your customers will love our products. As a recognized candles manufacturer we already deliver our products to numerous retailers, getting only positive feedback.

We’re also a proud candles manufacturer that created its own original compositions such as Dog paws and Kitty paws. These are compositions that will surely melt the hearts of every animal lover, evoking positive emotions and associations with your brand.

Moreover, in the production of our candles, the welfare of any living creature has not been impaired, and Soy Witch candles manufacturer supports on various levels numerous social initiatives, including those that help animals.

Candles manufacturer offering private labelling

Have we already seen everything about the company gadgets? Is there a specific product that can be a huge game changer in that field? As a socially and environmentally involved candles manufacturer we believe that eco-friendly zero waste gadgets are exactly this.

Every company in the world is seeking to build their brand awareness and recognizability. That is exactly why labelled gadgets are used in both internal and external communication. Thanks to them, a brand could become associated with certain values and evoke specific emotions.

We are the candles manufacturer with deep knowledge of marketing topics, especially branding and advertising. That is why we are a perfect partner to help you create your labelled natural candles.

Tell us all about your brand identity and let us do the rest. You can be sure that your customers and business partners will love your gadgets.

Candles with the Client's identity

You can find more of our private label work here.

Why is the Soy Witch candles manufacturer the best partner you can get?

We care. We care about our customers, we care about our planet and we are eager to take care of you. Our scented candles are eco-friendly gadgets that not only don’t emit any toxic substances while burning, but also contribute to the spread of the zero waste idea.

Fewer and fewer people want to be flooded with tons of plastic gadgets that will quickly end up in the garbage and contribute to increasing our planet’s pollution. Therefore, corporate advertising gadgets should be intriguing, relatively durable and, above all, ecological.

If you want to be seen by your customers and business partners as a responsible and ethical entrepreneur, choose Soy Witch candles manufacturer as your partner. We guarantee the best quality and full support at every stage of our collaboration.

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