Candles wholesaler

Candles wholesaler

Whether you want to broaden your online shop’s catalog or give your market’s shelves a new glare, our products will be a perfect fit. Choose one of our eye-catching designs and amazing scents, and see for yourself that your client will love Soy Witch products from day one.

If you’re looking for the eco-friendly out-of-the box gifts and gadgets, Soy Witch candles wholesaler is also going to take care of your needs. It might seem difficult to come up with new interesting advertising gadgets or gift ideas and that’s why we created a whole new product line that is getting more and more popular every day.

As an experienced candles wholesaler we are perfectly aware of the fact that every company needs to stand out and wants to be noticed in the crowd. That’s why we can also offer you astonishing candles with a thoughtfully chosen scent and your company branding. Get to know us and see what we can create together.

Get to know our COO & Co-Founder, Joanna Humerczyk:

Producent świec - pracownia

Top candles wholesaler conquers Polish market

Our journey as a candles wholesaler started with a simple idea: to create an eco-friendly zero waste multipurpose product. A product that you may offer as a gift to your friend, promotional gadgets for your customers or a classy object that will complete your interiors.

Right from day one we managed to establish a multichannel sales process that helped us grow exponentially. As a renowned candles wholesaler we can proudly say that our products are all over the market. They’ve been chosen everyday by Polish retailers who trust us and with time become our long-term business partners.

You can get our products not only on the Internet. We’ve established collaboration with numerous interior design studios, flower stores, bio shops and craft boutiques all over the country. But that was just the beginning. We are a proud candles wholesaler who operates worldwide.

We accept payments in USD and EUR and provide worldwide shipment.

Candles wholesaler getting noticed in Europe

Soy Witch candle for Volkswagen

We are passionate about our product and values that stand behind them. We have no intent to limit ourselves to just one national market, so we went international. Therefore, we can proudly say that we established numerous international partnerships and got appreciated as a reliable candles wholesaler.

You can see our products on German supermarket shelves or in every shopping mall in Iceland. Being a solid and dependable candles wholesaler made us a suitable partner for local brands as well as big market players like Volkswagen. Place your first order and we’re sure that you’ll be getting back for more.

Candles wholesaler focused on quality

At Soy Witch, we care about the highest quality of our products. That is why we use the highest quality wax and oils all the way. Moreover, we couldn’t care more about packaging and the design of the label.

We want everyone picking up Soy Witch manufactured candle to see our commitment to the process of creating it. Candles hand-poured in our studio reflect our passion for beauty and care for the environment which made us no. 1 Polish natural candles wholesaler.

Get to know our products

Świeca Palo Santo z kryształemPalo Santo z kryształem - świeczka Soy Witch
Zestaw świec Modern WitchZestaw świec sojowych w szkle
Świeca tęczowaKompozycja - tęczowa świeczka sojowa Miłość
Świeczka sojowa Mandarynka i chilli600x600 3
Psie łapki - świeczka zapachowaPsie łapki - świeca sojowa

Perfect Soy Witch candle for every need

At the beginning of our candles wholesaler journey we asked ourselves what people value the most about gifts or gadgets. The answer turned out to be quite simple – it needs to be personal. That’s why we offer candles that come in all the scents, sizes and labels.

We are a candles wholesaler that listens and asks questions so that we can meet all your expectations. We will be more than happy to prepare a personalized label for your candles based on your guidelines. Tell us a bit about your visual identity and branding so we can choose products for your needs or prepare a perfectly fitting personalized design.

Can I choose the scent of the candles?

Of course you can! We are a candles wholesaler that offers a wide variety of scents which will surely match your branding and identity. You can choose floral scents taking your senses for a walk around an elegant rose garden or go for natural herbal aromas. And we can create a completely new scent together too!

But there’s more to that. We also have a variety of Christmas and seasonal scents that will add charm to all the summer evenings on the porch or winter mornings with a cup of hot chocolate. And not every candles wholesaler can offer you such original compositions as Dog paws or Kitty paws!

Are Soy Witch candles eco-friendly?

We are a dedicated candles wholesaler that cares about customers and the planet. All the candles gadgets coming out of the Soy Witch manufacture are a solution that is planet-friendly and harmless to the recipients. Unlike traditional paraffin candles with essential oils, our soy products are 100% safe for your health and the environment.

The oils we use to make our candles don’t release any toxic substances while burning. This means that allergy sufferers, children and pregnant women can also enjoy the beautiful scents of your labelled candles. In addition, our candles are closed in glass jars, which can be given a second life in many ways.

Are Soy Witch candles suitable for vegans?

Our candles are made of soy wax which not only makes them safe for the planet but also vegan-friendly. Choosing Soy Witch as your candles wholesaler partner you can show your customers and business associates that you are environmentally aware. Choose our natural zero waste solution and make our planet a better place.

Is Soy Witch a candles wholesaler that operates worldwide?

We deliver all across the world. You can start with just 50 candles and we will deliver them anywhere you want. Don’t wait up and make your first order. Our couriers will be more than happy to hand over to you a big box filled with all the beautiful scented candles of your choice.

Why should we choose Soy With as our candles wholesaler?

Nowadays, more and more customers are looking at the environmental policy of enterprises. Many companies publish information on carbon neutrality or publicly support the idea of zero waste. It is therefore important that corporate gadgets reflect these ideals.

A company bragging about their deep care for the environment, giving away tons of shoddy and useless gadgets, loses its credibility. That is exactly why natural candles wholesalers like us can really help you make the difference.

Are you open for long-term business relationships?

Wholesale is a dynamically developing branch of our business. We are open to any proposal including long-term collaboration. Whether you run a handicraft boutique or home decor store, you may want to consider adding scented candles to your offer.

We want to hear all about your needs and expectations so that we can become your partner for years, preparing private label candles for various purposes. We are eager to be your candles wholesaler go-to with any demand for breathtaking natural candles.

Private label candles manufactured by Soy Witch

You can find out more about our private label work here.

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Let's talk about what you need.

Soy Witch candles come in different sizes and designs. Let’s pick the best for your business together.

Get in touch with our English-speaking sales rep: [email protected]

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